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Free Macromedia Flash Tutorials

Welcome to Free Macromedia Flash Tutorials Directory that lists only QUALITY tutorials. Macromedia Flash allows designers to integrate video, text, audio, and graphics into immersive, rich experiences that deliver superior results for interactive marketing and presentations, e-learning, and application user interfaces. | read more

Random Flash Tutorials

Send Mail Contact Form
Send Mail Contact Form -
In this tutorial we're going to learn about sending mail using PHP and Flash.
Simple Shape Tween
Simple Shape Tween -
This tutorial will teach you the basics of shape tweening.
Arrays -
If you are interested in arrays then I assume you already know about variables.
Full Flash Site
Full Flash Site -
You will take a Flash site and modify it to make it work properly when linked.
Loading External XML
Loading External XML -
Loading External XML formatted Content into Flash MX 2004.
OOP And Inheritance In Flash
OOP And Inheritance In Flash -
Learn about Inheritance in Flash's OOP structure.
Vibration Effect
Vibration Effect -
An interesting effect that I discovered during my random scavenger hunts was a vibration effect.
Adding Flash Video to Your Website
Adding Flash Video to Your Website -
There are two general approaches to adding Flash Video to your web pages: using Macromedia Dreamweaver and using Flash.

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