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Free Macromedia Flash Tutorials

Welcome to Free Macromedia Flash Tutorials Directory that lists only QUALITY tutorials. Macromedia Flash allows designers to integrate video, text, audio, and graphics into immersive, rich experiences that deliver superior results for interactive marketing and presentations, e-learning, and application user interfaces. | read more

Random Flash Tutorials

Adding and Controlling Music
Adding and Controlling Music -
Adding and Controlling Music in a Flash Movie.
Easing on Mouse Click
Easing on Mouse Click -
Learn the basics of easing by moving an object to where the mouse was clicked on the stage.
Animating a Character
Animating a Character -
Learn to transform a pencil sketch into an animated character.
Continuously Scrolling Text/Objects
Continuously Scrolling Text/Objects -
This tutorial covers scrolling objects including graphic/movie clip symbols and the good old text field.
The Delegate class
The Delegate class -
The Delegate class is a utility class written by Mike Chambers that makes working with component events easier.
Masking -
This tutorial will teach you on how to mask a picture.
Image Maps
Image Maps -
Create image maps around images like you can with html.
Using Mouse Scrollwheel
Using Mouse Scrollwheel -
This tutorial details two methods of by which a mousewheel can be used with Flash.

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