What to Wear to a Wedding Evening

I believe you should maintain the balance between keeping it respectful and choosing a celebration look, so here’s my suggestions for the best way to dress for a wedding evening reception:

An evening reception is essentially a party, so avoid the flooring sailing maxis and put on a dress you’ll be able to dance in (so shorter is fine)

With that in mind, ensure it remains classy – this is the wedding of someone, not nighttime Ibiza

Think in case your dress is simple wear a fantastic piece of statement jewellery, or let a routine do the speaking

Itis advisable to wear your hair up or away your face so that it does not disturb you when you are on the dance floor (you will be cooler that way too)

Wear heels of course but make sure they are comfortable – there is not anything worse than needing to take off your shoes for destroying and dancing your appearance!

My Reiss shift dress looked an ideal mix of classy but fun (a lot shorter than my normal design!) – it is got great detail on the sleeves and being tweed it’s a specific “wedding fashion” feel to it (only do not ask me to describe why I believe that). I have ended up after the quantity of dancing I do many times with flat, sweaty hair too.

Have you got round of dressing for an evening reception, the challenge? Share do please!

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