Every Good Wine Needs The Right Stemware

A lot of my friends keep boasting about how many “high grade” types of wines they own, the best wine coolers they used. But that is not enough. A connoisseur of wine is someone who does not only care about wine but also about wine glasses because the right glass can change it all. For some people, drinking is for entertainment. Wines to them are just an alcohol liquid which makes the party louder, the music better and the fun last longer. But for other people, drinking is an art which requires skills, scents, and aptitude.


Beautiful but gives little tasting experience.

To enjoy the true taste of a good bottle of wine, we need the right stemware. Shopping for stemware can be a battle because of its variety. Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and prices and purposes that will make you feel lost. So here we are, giving you some tips that might help to get through the long and wide tunnel of stemware a little easier for beginners.

The common characteristics of a typical stemware are high stem, round bowl and wide rim. These traits are not only, help the drinker to taste the wine but also to smell as well as to observe its color. Whenever you choose a stemware, avoid choosing the ones with patterns for distraction might affect your tasting. Also stay away from those colorful ones for they will prevent you from admiring the wine’s true color.

Crystal – clear glasses look boring but it is that simplicity will highlight the value of a good bottle of wine.

The thickness of the rim

Crystal – clear glass with too thick rim will always be a bad choice. Because the thickness will cause refract that reduces the wine’s viscous and your estimation of the color. The best glasses come with the thin rim.


This is one of the most effective factors; it affects directly to the wine’s taste. Plastic glass will significantly reduce its quality. The crystalline glass is the best choice, but the crystal should be qualified because bad quality crystal will prevent drinkers from enjoying the true taste of good wine. High – quality crystal is recommended for its stiffness and clearness.

Plastic wineglasses? You must be joking!

The stem

Wine glasses have usually come with high stem for easy holding. Recently we can see people drinking in stem – fewer glasses, but it is only good for sitting – parties, people sit around a table and do not have to hold the glass for so long. But when in a standing – party, where the glass will be held for a long period, it is a big “no”. Since hand’s warmth also, affect the wine’s taste, so it’s best to drink in a high – steam glass.

Stemless glasses belong to the table, not the hand.


Glass size should also be taken to suit each type of wine. Every wine has its own kind of glass. For example, red wine. Red wine is usually served in high – stem glasses with big round bowl, this will enable the drinker to release the wine’s aroma in just one light swing. Therefore, large – sized glass will help you to pour the right amount of wine but still can swing the glass easily while tasting.

The type of glass for red wine.

Choosing the appropriate type of glass will enhance your tasting experience. This is the same as choosing the right tie for your suit because the perfect tie will complete the suit. Therefore, pay more attention to small details and do not regret spending for luxury glasses because it is totally worth the pay.

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