How to choose the right table tennis paddle

How to choose the right table tennis paddle?

Table tennis paddles are essential items when training and playing table tennis. With this racket, you can easily put the ball in the right direction and show off your skillful skills.

To help you better understand table tennis rackets as well as the good shopping address, please follow the this article:

Table tennis rackets classification

Currently, on the market, ping pong racquets are divided into 2 categories: pre-glued table tennis rackets and self-adhesive table tennis racquets.

For self-adhesive table tennis rackets, users usually buy separate blades and rubbers. Then bring home to get the specialized glue to stick the racket on the blade to practice.

And the pre-glued table tennis racket, you need to buy a complete set and bring it back to use. Therefore, pre-glued racquets will be suitable for those who are just starting.

And self-adhesive racquets for experienced players, athletes competition.

The top table tennis rackets on the market are priced at less than $100 from many well-known brands such as Butterfly, Andro, DHS, Nittaku, Double Fish, 729, etc…

Structure of table tennis racket

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A table tennis racket consists of 2 components: the blade and the rubber.

Racket is made of many different materials, including wood and some other additives that can be named such as: Yellow Aningre, Ayous, Koto, Bass, Limba, Cypress, Planchonello, …

Table tennis rubbers are made from rubber, with spikes glued above the right or opposite form to meet the preferences or serve the technical, special forte of professional players.


Interesting things about the world’s most expensive table tennis racket

Instructions for cleaning table tennis rackets

When training or playing on the field, the ping-pong racket will be susceptible to dust and sweat.

If you do not clean and properly clean and use it again, it will significantly affect the game’s quality.

To clean a table tennis racket, you need to follow these steps:

First, you need to prepare a soft cloth, specialized cleaning solution, alcohol and clean water.

The next step is to clean the handle and the rubber.

The handle is where your hands are in the most contact, so it isn’t easy to clean.

Therefore, alcohol should be used to wipe the racket’s handle, then rinse with clean water, then dry thoroughly.

You get a towel to absorb a little of the specialized detergent solution to clean for the rubber.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your paddle, don’t forget to keep it in a cool, dry place for a while.

Then put in a bag or hang on the table tennis rack to avoid the phenomenon of moisture, easy to cause mold.

Types of table tennis rackets

Types of table tennis rackets

There are many options when looking to buy a ping-pong racket. Here are a few suggestions for you to have more information to find yourself the right table tennis product, meeting the criteria of price, quality, and brand.

Table tennis racket 729

Outstanding among the stars, the 729 table tennis racket is one of the most popular today.

Some product lines of 729 can be named, such as Table tennis racket 729 1 Star, 729 2 Star, 729 3 Star, 729 4 Star, 729 5 Star, 729 2020, 729 2040, 729 2060.

There are improvements in design and quality with every feature, 729 – an affordable choice for those just starting in this indoor sport.

The outstanding feature of the 729 table tennis racket is its affordable price tag.

For $ 20, you can buy a good pair of racquets right away.

729 blades are mostly made of natural wood, including 5 layers, with high elasticity. Moreover, the design fits comfortably in the palm of the user’s hand to create comfort in the match.

DHS table tennis racket

In the average price range from $ 25 to $ 80, many athletes use the DHS table tennis rackets.

In particular, DHS Hurrican is a highly appreciated product line. The rubber is specially set for the Chinese table tennis team to compete in domestic and international competitions.

DHS table tennis rackets neatly placed inside a compact box, easy to put into the user’s backpack or bag.

It helps to protect the racquets while creating professionalism for the user.

In terms of durability, DHS rackets are highly appreciated. This is a reasonable choice for those who love table tennis.

Double Fish table tennis racket

The product lines of the Double Fish brand are aimed at professional and amateur table tennis players.

The Double Fish table tennis racket’s outstanding feature is that it has a good grip and bounce. This feature creates momentum for the ping-pong ball to fly at the average speed to the desired destination.

The rubber cushion is quite thick, creating just enough spin for the players to show their skillful technique.

At the same time, it also helps beginners playing table tennis easily get used to, catch up without being embarrassed.