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New Flash Tutorials

Interactive Display Unit
Interactive Display Unit -
An interactive display unit that shows a larger thumbnail of our selected product.
Loading External Images
Loading External Images -
Learn how to load external SWF files and images into the Flash movie.
CSS Styles in Flash
CSS Styles in Flash -
A new feature in Flash MX 2004 is the ability to use imported CSS.
Chromeless Pop-Up Window
Chromeless Pop-Up Window -
The only glaring problem with this cool effect is that you have to use Internet Explorer.
Timeline Effects
Timeline Effects -
A much hyped about feature of Flash MX 2004 is the timeline effects.
Film Grain
Film Grain -
A very cool defect I notice on older movies and films is the film grain effect caused by the aging of the actual film reels.
Pausing Animation
Pausing Animation -
Learn how to add a Pause, and play button into your animation.
Random Motion
Random Motion -
Learn the 'behind-the-scenes' action of the code that makes the objects move randomly.
Shine Effect
Shine Effect -
The effect look amazing when you use it on a website with lots of Photoshop graphics.
Menu with Slider
Menu with Slider -
Create menu where you roll over one of the buttons and an object slides into place right underneath it.

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